Our dedication to purity, characterization, and potent molecular structures ensures that you can construct an optimized portfolio of research compounds to accelerate your scientific investigations and achieve your experimental objectives more efficiently.
Engineered for Optimal Research Results

Our compounds are synthesized in accordance with the most recent scientific literature to help you maximize the effectiveness of your research endeavors.

Evidence-based Formulas Driven by Science

Each GoLiveAI product features science-backed ingredients in clinically effective doses and none of the junk that remains unsupported by research.

Clean Ingredients with Nothing to Hide

GoLiveAI is committed to using 100% authentic ingredients and full-disclosure product labels so you know precisely what you’re get.

You wouldn’t find any proprietary blends, artificial sweeteners, colors, fillers, or preservatives in our products.



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Director of the Biomedical Research Institute
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Dr. Laura Harris
xpert in Clinical Research and EDevelopment